AquaPure Hydration can install a water purification system in your home that improves everything from the taste of your water to your family’s health! Below are different types of systems and how they help make your life better.

Whole House Carbon Filtration

  • Remove chlorine and volatile organic chemicals (like PCE, TCE) from ALL of your water coming into your home!
  • Know that you’re not adding chlorine to your culinary dishes or washing your fresh produce with chlorinated water.
  • Protect your skin and lungs from chlorine while showering yourself or bathing your young children.
  • Stop chlorine from making your coffee and tea bitter.

Whole House Water Softeners

  • Make clothes whiter and colors brighter while using much less detergent.
  • Get cleaner radiant hair and closer, smoother shaves.
  • Save on energy costs, especially in your water heater. (click below for report on “Soft Water Economics”)
  • Keep your appliances and faucets looking new.

Home Reverse Osmosis Systems

Ensure your well or municipal water is safe for you and your family by killing any waterborne bacteria. Our NSF certified RO systems are easy to maintain and install right under your kitchen sink! You’ll have an additional faucet that is ONLY pure water!

Free Consultation

Receive information for your home or business about our filtration systems and specialty applications. If needed we can provide a free consultation to determine your needs, after which we will give you a free quote.