Healthy Water

Help yourself obtain optimum health with pH balanced water!

If you’re looking to improve your health with pH Balanced water in your home or office, look no further. AquaPure Hydration’s technicians can set up a bottle-less cooler or a faucet at your sink to enable you to have amazing water available on tap!

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pH+ Water For Your Business

Gyms and body-work studios are a wonderful place to offer alkalized water. It hydrates the body quicker and more efficiently, optimizing your clients’ efforts: workout, massage, yoga, and many others.

For Your Home

Do you buy alkalized water? Stop paying premium prices for alkalized water in plastic bottles at the store. Alkalized water is now available in your home! Call us to see how AquaPure Hydration’s experts can help you purify & alkalize your drinking water, save money, and NOT get the chemicals from plastics!

Our bottle-less coolers offer a simple, no-hassle solution for your home. Not only do we purify the water for you, we can add on an alkalized media filter (not an ionizer, in which you don’t benefit from the added minerals). You also treat your body right by limiting your drinking from plastic bottles; your cooler will contain a stainless steel reservoir, never plastic.

If you already have a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, we can add on the alkalized cartridge and you’ll start drinking alkalized water rather than slightly acidic water from the RO system alone.

Alkalized Pitchers Available

Alkalized bottled water delivery also available

BPA-Free Bottles
Delivery Once per Month
Delivering Only in the Tucson Area

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Receive information for your home or business about our filtration systems and specialty applications. If needed we can provide a free consultation to determine your needs, after which we will give you a free quote.